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Does anyone know the origins of people using “trigger warning” in social media or elsewhere? Who started it?? Where does it come from? Friends are trying to research it and coming up empty.


My first encounter with it was in fic circles on Livejournal, where people were talking about whether you should put trigger warnings on your fic.  At that point it was referring to PTSD triggers, but by the time I saw the concept surface on ladyblogs, it could also refer to “triggers” for eating disorders, self-injury, etc.

My experience with it dates back to offline rape survivors’ support groups and young feminist groups (early-mid ’90s) in which we’d be talking about our own experiences and in which people would be encouraged to leave and take space if their PTSD was triggered by others’ stories. I know that it also is used to signal content that might trigger other mental illnesses besides PTSD.

I first encountered it on Shakesville, and shortly thereafter on Livejournal (non-fandom communities), but it definitely pre-existed those spaces. I think I first saw content warnings (as a distinct phenomenon) on Shakesville too.

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    I first encountered it on Shakesville, and shortly thereafter on Livejournal (non-fandom communities), but it definitely...
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